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HOT MELT HOSES - Spray painting and powder coating equipment

Various industrial hoses that are pressure-resistant processed according to the application.We offer wide range of lineups from low pressure to ultra high pressure hoses which suit for various applications such as chemicals, food, gas, steam, painting and cleaning etc.
  • heated hose


HOT MELT HOSES - Spray painting and powder coating equipment

1/8 to 2 inch
Single hose length1m ~6 m, 6m ~12m, 12m~20m, 20~30m
ColorBlack, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green etc. (customized made)
Temperature rangemax 260 deg C
InsulationFire retardant cotton
Country of OriginMade in China





Versatility & dependability for all applications

Proven design & quality guaranteed


About JINCHEN/JINGCHENG Heated hoses

Hot melt hoses carry the molten hot melt adhesive from a melting location to a dispensing location. These hoses are wound with a wire that heats the core and allows the adhesive to be pumped with ease. JINCHEN/JINGCHENG range of compatible hot melt hoses have been designed for a total market standard adaptability, using top of the line market components. Capable of working with any manufacturer's equipment, our hoses are the ideal solution for hot melt transport and optimal benefits. Cotton insulation and an outer braided layer provides high thermal efficiency for the prevention of heat transfer caused by convection and to protect hose components. Corrugated covers and additional waterproof options are available with special fittings to meet specific users requirements. These hoses are available in an ample range of diamters and lenghts, and can include optional accessories like corrugated or waterproof covers, to adjust to each user's specific needs.


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