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Customers have diverse requirements such as specific sizes, special fittings, working temperatures, operating equipment and environmental conditions.
To meet such requirements, we design products individually matched to on-site needs such sizes, shapes and special specifications.

In addition, we can also manufacture temperature controllers and original products with outstanding features such as drip-proof, anti-freeze and dust-proof specifications for cleanrooms usage and other environments where dust is to be strictly controlled, heavy duty type for use in places where hoses are moved rapidly, as well as shock and wear resistance.


The pipe press is a kind of hydraulic equipment used to hold down the pipe fitting assembly. It exerts the contraction force on the supporting metal joint through the mold of the pipe press, and firmly holds the metal joint on the supporting high-pressure oil pipe of construction machinery or brake pipe, oil pipe, air conditioning pipe and power pipe on the automobile. Pipe pressing machine is suitable for all kinds of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipe, air pipe, water pipe, cable joint, automobile air conditioning pipe, automobile power steering pipe, oil pipe, gasoline supply pipe, as well as construction accessories, daily hot water pipe withholding, widely used in vehicles, construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment and other industries.


The pressure test bench is mainly used for the factory inspection of the following parts: automobile hose: steering pipe, brake pipe, air conditioning pipe, fuel pipe, cooling hose, heat hose, air filter hose, turbo charging system hose, engineering hydraulic hose; Aviation hoses and manifolds; Other hard pipes or joints and car brake pump, radiator, oil cooler, cylinder block; Engineering hydraulic hose is mainly used for hydraulic equipment, construction machinery, mining machinery and other hydraulic pipe blasting test; Pressure and blast test for valve body, cylinder, etc.

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