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Heating Hoses Installation

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1. Intended usage of heating hoses

    Hoses for passing fluids, paste or gaseous media without temperature losses within the approved nominal values. The nominal values may be found in the tables in the Installation     and Operating Instructions (e.g. pressure, bending radii, temperature, voltage…) and the order confir mation (given variations from the standard).

2. Nonintended usage of heating hoses

    All usage outside the scope of those described in Point 1. are nonintended usage and may be hazardous and/or lead to consequential damage.

3. Operator

    Installation, electrical connection, commissioning, operating and maintenance of the heating hoses may only be performed by trained profes sionals who have been authorised or     instructed for these activities by the operating authority.

4. Liability exclusion 

    We herewith expressly serve notice that JINCHEN is not liable for any damage resulting from incorrect or negligent operation, mainte nance or nonintended usage. This also     applies to device modifications, attachments and conversions which could be detrimental to safety. In these cases the manufacturer's warranty is voided. HORST GmbH accepts no     product liability and warranty claims whatsoever if the Operat ing Instructions are not observed or are incorrectly interpreted. Nevertheless, should any difficulties arise during             commissioning, we request you not to undertake any inadmissible manipulations on the device. You could compromise your warranty claim. In case of queries, please contact us.

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